Formentera Beaches




The certainly the most famous and crowded beach of the island of Formentera. A right time to anchor must be choteen carefully because depending on the time of the year we will find countless white-sands and turquoise water’s lovers. Obviously its popularity is due to the wonderful colors of its waters, but also the proximity to Ibiza ranks it as the quickest option for enjoying the “beach island Queen” of the Balearic.

At the beginning and at the end of the summer season we will enjoy its calm but during the crowded mouths the nightlife picture with the endless constellation that produce the lights of the anchored yachts in the bay is also an image that it gives you goose bumps.

Playa de Illetes en Formentera


Ruta Formentera



The place par excellence to enjoy an anchoring in the west coast of Formentera. It is a core beach well sheltered from the prevailing summer’s winds of Levante, so it is a good spot for those strong windy days. But it small area makes it a highly desired territory. The anchored here is very save so a large number of vessels come during the day to enjoy its crystal water and get a place for one of the best sunsets on the island.

It is also the a good location to make some trip to the most beautiful caves of the islands.


If the dominant winds from Levante call a truce to the fresh winds from the continent, the best option is to sail south of Formentera. Its large coastline inserts corners of sand and rocks that make it very special. In the 70’s the hippie colonies settled down here. The quieter side coast of the island. Nowadays this more naturist and alternative essence still remains soaked in all its corners. On this side you will also find a very beautiful sunsets. We can enjoy the nightlife in one of the icons of the hippie festivals in the 70’s that still continues featuring the summer parties at the beaches of Formentera. The Blue Bar.