Romantic Getaways




Cala of the kitchen garden called like this because of the closeness plantations. These lands have seen favorable for cultivation because they collect the water from Sa Talaria, the highest mountain of Ibiza. Small sandy cove located at the South-Western End, just opposite site of the Nature Reserve from Es Vedrá, Him Vedrandell and islets of Speker. Sharp mountains islands that rise around 300 meters from the sea and a paradise for any kind of Mediterranean sea birds.
Perfect spot to enjoy a romantic afternoon light from the desk of our boat and also a perfect shelter to spent the night out of port. We can taste the traditional ibizan food in one of the 3 restaurants right at the seashore: Rest. Del Carmen interesting not only for its island style paellas but its vantage point sunset views. Es Boldadó famous for its paellas with the advantage of its confortable and useful pier or Rest. Cala d’Hort (Ca na Vergera) Chiringuito with a good fresh fish.

Cala d'Hort en barco


Ruta escapada romántica



One of the most visited beach on the West side of Ibiza, nevertheless one of the most romantic sunset.  If we arrive at the beginning or at the end of the season a perfect plan is just some beers at the beach. If we choose July or August we can enjoy one of the restaurants perforated on the rocks. It is not a place to spent the night because is exposed to the wind and waves but we can spent the daylight and move after the sunset to the near island of Conejera or the quiet and secure Cala Bassa.

Cala Comte


Beach at the most alternative Ibizan style. Excellent shelter for southerly to easterly winds. The shore of the beach is cover by small loose stones each one from a different color and the stores and restaurants with this alternative style will take you to passed time of Ibiza. With the sunset the sound of the drumms change the beach atmosphere to a passionated barefoot dance and it is the perfect moment for beers with friends. An excellence place for a breath of serenity.